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About Us

Our brief history

We tailor ERP solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, consisting of General Ledgers, Accounting, Wholesale, Retail, including Point of Sale systems, and Manufacturing.

Our systems provide operating modules for a wide range of industries including pharmacy, skilled craftsmanship, construction operations, and every spectrum of the food industry, from production to restaurants.

We have been providing consultations and software development programs to the European and U.S. market, with a focus on the Balkan region, for more than 25 years.

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What do we do with tech?

Check the list of our most interesting projects.

"Land Mail" delivery system (built in 2005)

Desktop (LAN) Application for planning and scheduling pick-up and delivery for „land mail” in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Made for seven main post centers and 300 post offices. Daily itinerary planned. Vehicles deliver and pick-up packages to appropriate post offices.

Desktop application converted to intranet application.

Mechanical Engineering High School – Vienna University

Robot Simulator: application designed in Pascal / C++ with database with electro mechanical characteristic of worldwide robots manufacturers;

Entered data for robot programming (i.e. transfer weight from point A to point B). Chose manufacturer and model of robot.

Application calculated optimal path for robot hand, including 3D motion simulation.

Collaborated with the “Schlumberger” company (Vienna Office) to sell this application for use in student education.

B4com.com – Consultant Company from London, England

Design websites, consulting and software development. Engaged as outsourcing team from September 2001 to March 2008.

Supply Chain Management System

Desktop (LAN) application for goods delivery to retail network. Call center receives orders from customers or sales agents. Collected orders are sorted and processed, and delivery plan made. Path and plan for each vehicle is optimized and scheduled. All notifications exchanged by SMS.

Application designed for wholesale company with regional warehouses in Croatia (12) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (5). 400 vehicles were involved in system. Each vehicle had a laptop with all business data updated. Transaction data recorded on laptop and transferred into warehouse system.

First internet shop in B&H - Rajvosa.net (2000)

On December 12nd, the company launched the first BH internet shop www.rajvosa.net

First internet shop from Bosnia and Herzegovina has several departments: books of all kinds, paintings of Bosnian authors, music media and Bosnian souvenirs. It was made for the visitors all over the world. Our company projected all process (end-to-end) including payment processing (VISA and MasterCard were accepted).

Besides that, visitors from all over the world were able to send greeting cards with flowers or other gifts to their relatives in Sarajevo. They sent order via rajvosa.net and after processing, our staff realized the order, buying ordered gifts, preparing greeting card and delivering all to address.

The site was active from December 2000 to January 2008.

First news portal in B&H - Saray.net (1998)

On December 1st of 1998, the company launched the first BH internet news portal www.saray.net

Nothing special about this, except it was the very first web page created, maintained and published directly from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Portal was very active and most visited. It was active until December 23rd, 2014. The portal has provided news for all Bosnian people all over the world.

Natron Maglaj

Ordered manufacturing carton boxes, created box wireframes, and combined wireframes for different boxes on the flat carton field to reduce waste of material during production.

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